Save the Date

Generation Dance Company will hold an end of year performance on:

Monday the 29th of November, 2021 at Burrinja Theatre in Upwey.

The Concert is a much anticipated event for our students and their families. It is an amazing platform to showcase their achievements to a supporting audience of family and friends, and an opportunity to experience a professional stage experience, managed and operated by qualified and experienced staff.  Our dancers will delight the audience with a variety of dance styles set to age appropriate music. Coupled with amazing stage props and sparkling costumes, it is a magical night, A ‘highlight’ of the year.

The onstage rehearsal is held on the morning of the 29th November, from 9:30am to 12:30pm at Burrinja theatre. As we want the very best stage experience for all students, attendance at the stage rehearsal is compulsory to be able to participate.The Concert. Rehearsals are an important part of performing, encompassing safety, stage lighting and curtain close familiarity, lighting and stage blackouts, entrance and exit points, stage etiquette, routine blocking, and last minute changes if required.

Students are allocated to their dressing rooms and can set up their costumes in order. The rehearsal runs in order of the program , giving an indication of costume change times required.. One parent or guardian only, must be present to assist their child with costume changes. Theatre rules dictate that siblings, friends or family members are not permitted to attend the rehearsal.

Students will require the morning or day off school.. The show kicks off at 7:30pm, and concludes around 9:30pm-10pm including presentations. Parking is available on site.  Tickets are sold directly by  the Venue online . For further information and to purchase tickets,please visit the website below.


Diary Dates for Dancers and Parents to be advised.